Historical Walking Tour

There are lots of options for active living in and around Trenton. If you want to get out there and explore some of Trenton’s historic sites, the map here identifies them. Walk it or bike the entire trail and you will get in almost 11 miles. The distances listed show the distance from the previous historic site in miles.


Get ready to hit the trail! 

1. Elizabeth Park Tourist Lodge.  Here the traveler could rest and camp, lodge provided showers, air, stoves, and a place to wash clothes.  

2. First A &W in Michigan.  Opened by Peter Duich, served only root beer and popcorn.  (.66m)

3. Shipyard Historical Marker. (.1m)

4. Riverside Drive Foot of West Road.  This is where one would catch the ferry to Grosse Ile. (.25m)  

5. 2707 Riverside Dr.  First brick building in town; for years the home to the Trenton Times. (.13m)  

6. Across from 2702 Riverside Drive.  First electric plant (Eastern Michigan Electric), later home to the U.S. Coast Guard, they were very busy during Prohibition. (.01m)  

7. 2660 Riverside Dr.  Built as a stable for the Exchange Tavern (located across the street); later served as a funeral home, still later as a millinery shop. (.05m)  

8. 2607 Riverside Dr.  Home built by Richard Hedke, circa 1925.  Mr. Hedke served on the Trenton School Board for many years. (.05m)

9. 2608 Riverside Dr.  Home built by Wm. Park and later home to Col. Davis a Civil War veteran. (.01m)

10. Felder Hotel, Grand Hotel, Trenton Hotel.  Built in 1895; at one time housed a barber shop and Trenton’s first bowling alley. (.11m)

11. 2576 Riverside Dr.  Home to Wm Duddleson, first Village of Trenton President. (.12m)

12. Across from 2560 Riverside Dr.  Here was located the Community Ice House.  Winter ice was cut, hauled, shaved and stored.  The walls of the building were filled with sawdust to provide insulation. (.01)

13. 2408 Riverside Dr.  Home of Alvin Turner, circa 1862.  Capt. Turner operated the shipyard that was located on Riverside Dr. near Elizabeth Park. (.17m)

14. Across from 2330 Riverside Dr.  Here was the Mans Ashery.  It was then sold to farmers to spread on their crops. (.07m)

15. 2242 Riverside Dr.  Home of Eber Yost longtime Wayne County educator. (.11m)

16. 2205 Riverside Dr.  Church Boat Company; owned by Austin Church, constructed pleasure boats. (.11m)

17. 2003 W. Jefferson.  Home of Abraham C. Truax, founder of Trenton; contained first Trenton post office.  Truax was killed in 1844 when the General Vance exploded; home dates to the 1820’s and is probably the oldest home in town. (.27m)

18. Property adjacent to the north of Ellias Park. Site of the John Craig Shipyard; in 1888 the shipyard moved to Toledo, OH. This site was also used to manufacture the Church-Field Electric Automobile which was introduced at the 1912 Detroit Auto Show and came in two models: roadster and coupe. (.08m)

19. South side of King Rd. east of W. Jefferson. Here is Trenton’s first water treatment plant. (.35m)

20. Liggett Boat Company. For many years, Liggett built quality pleasure boats. During World War II, Liggett produced sub-chasers for the war effort; they later moved their operations to the Purdy Boat Works site on Riverside Dr. and Walnut. They went out of business in the early 1960’s. (1.13m)

21. Site of the Sibley School. (.37m)

22. Site of the Church Brick Company. (1.46m)

23. Bloomdale Cemetary (721 King Rd). Purchased by Monguagon Township in 1882; first burials took place in 1884. Headstones that predate 1884 were interments originally located at the Old Burial Ground site. (.13m)

24. 803 Fort Street. Sibley Quarry is the oldest business in Trenton. Stone from the quarry was used to rebuild Detroit after the great fire of 1805. (.87m)

25. 2320 W.Jefferson. Home of Charles Truax, son of the founder of Trenton. (1.65m)

26. 2534 Fourth St., between Cherry and Elm (located in the alley). Oldest Trenton school building, originally located on the corner of W. Jefferson and Elm St.; known as the North School later as the Yellow School House predates the Civil War. (.35m)

27. 306 St.Joseph. Trenton Historical Museum; build by John Moore in 1881. (.22m)

28. 2704 W.Jefferson. Central Drug Store, owned and operated by A. B. Smith. His son, Charles Smith was the first graduate of Trenton’s new twelve grade system in 1903; the upstairs housed Trenton’s first telephone exchange. (.09m)

29. Third St.at St. Joseph. First Trenton School Historical Marker. (.13m)

30. West Rd Viaduct. Built by the WPA during the Great Depression. (.25m)

31. 2531 Fort St. First business on Fort St., known as Horwicz Driving Park (1925). (.48m)

32. NW corner of Maple and Fourth. Site of the trolley car barns. Tracks ran from here up Maple to W. Jefferson and ended in Detroit. Tracks were removed for World War II scrap drive. Building served as a terminal and repair facility. Special funeral cars took deceased to cemeteries as far as Woodmere. (.73m)

33. City Hall Historical Marker. (.08m)

34. The Old Burial Ground. Trenton’s oldest cemetery. (.22)