Passport to Health

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You are one step away from being the proud owner of your very own personal Healthy Trenton Passport - Your Ticket to Health and Wellness! 


To help you stay motivated on your journey to better health, we have created the Healthy Trenton Passport to Health.  It is a small booklet which contains a wealth of information about our parks, our International Wildlife Refuge and some major points of interest that will keep you active and enjoying all that Trenton has to offer.  It was designed to spark your interest and help you find new places to go and have some fun.  The Passport contains ten Healthy Challenges that you can complete to be entered into prize drawings and a Scavenger Hunt for plants and animals you can find right in our backyards.  You can pick up your Passport at Trenton City Hall, Department of Parks and Recreation at 2800 Third Street.  Remember to check the Health Trenton website and Facebook page frequently as we develop incentives and new opportunities!

How the Passport to Health Incentive 
Program Works 


The Trenton Passport to Health contains ten healthy challenges.  Keep a record of each time you complete one of these activities in the space provided in the Passport.  Each time you complete 5 Passport challenges, turn it into Trenton Parks and Recreation Department located in City hall and your name will be entered into the quarterly drawing.  Drawings will take place quarterly on March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31 of each year, winners will be notified shortly afterward.  Your Passport will be renewed and you can continue to complete challenges for future drawings.  Challenge your family, friends and co-workers to a healthy competition!

How can I obtain a Passport to Health?
Healthy Trenton Passports are available for pick-up inside Trenton City Hall at the Parks & Recreation department.
Once you receive your Healthy Trenton Passport, make sure to re-visit this site to register your passport number and keep us updated on your personal fitness goals, experiences and valuable feedback!
Passport members will have access to special features such as; personal goal tracking, progress reports, and communication amongst other Passport members just like you!