Take a Healthy Selfie!
Take a Dip in the Pool!
Bike Ride with a Friend!
Take Your Pal to an Annual Dog Swim!
Grow a Garden!
Bond with Fish!
Get Together!
Play Outdoors!

The City of Trenton, Trenton Public Schools and Beaumont Health have partnered together to promote healthy eating and active living for the City of Trenton through the Healthy Trenton Coalition.

To promote community health and wellness and develop healthy lifestyles by connecting people, ideas and resources for Trenton residents and visitors to the community.

To positively position Trenton, both environmentally and socially, for developing, encouraging and realizing healthy and active lifestyles among all its residents and visitors to the community 

Custard Corner | 2972 W. Jefferson, Trenton | (734) 771-4396

Any customer who shows their registered Healthy Trenton Passport with their name on it and both quizzes completed, pages 26 and 27, will have their book marked by us, and may have a free kid size or small size fat free, no sugar added soft frozen yogurt!

*Each person who has a registered healthy Trenton passport may earn this incentive exactly one time.

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